Vietnam Deposits

Bank Rate
OCB 2 Year Term Deposit

Rate is for 24 months and paid at maturity

2 year
Feb 2018
Agribank 2 Year Fixed Term Deposit

This interest rate requires a minimum balance of VND 1,000,000 

2 year
Jul 2016
ACB 1 Year Time Deposit

The interest yield return on the VND denominated account is for a 12 month term and is at maturity or at term end.

1 year
Nov 2016
Vietcombank 1 Year Fixed Deposit

The associated interest yield is for a 12 month term and denominated in the VND currency. 

1 year
Mar 2018
HSBC Vietnam 2 Year Time Deposit

Rate indicated is for deposits between 500m and 10b VND with interest paid at maturity.

2 year
Feb 2018


  • Q: I open a bank account in Vietnam while having employment there. After my employment contracts end but my term deposit with the Vietnam bank is still in force. Can I continue to enjoy the interest there without being in Vietnam?

    Reply victor ang from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: Your Vietnamese banks gives very good interest for FD and your country is very stable I feel very safe leaving some of my savings there, BUT l am not employed by anyone there, this no resident rule apply to non administrative FD too? Can l open in a unique bank? It is very disheartening to lose such a safe haven. Yours sincerely, Ong ks

    Reply ong k. s. from Singapore, Singapore
    • R: I share the same thought. So, i put my money in FD in Vietnam. I received very good interests rate at 6.5 per annually without risk. Singapore rate is lousy. Don't even think of making here . The bank are all smarter to make money from you only.

      Reply William
      • R: hello i wish to live in vietnam for at least a year can i invest Australian dollar in bank there ????

        Reply Rick